Ultimate Time Wizard Trios

Ultimate Time Wizard Trios

Ultimate Time Wizard Trios

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What's up, Duelists?!

Welcome to the first Ultimate Time Wizard Trios event!

When registering for the event, a team's duelists assign themselves as either Player A, Player B or Player C, under a team name.

Teams then participate in swiss pairings like a normal tournament.
When teams sit down for the round, they will face the duelist from the opposing team that has been assigned the same position (letter) as them.

Matches are played at the same time as your teammates.
Rounds ares still 40 minutes, played as a best of 3 match between the two corresponding players.

If you have any aditional questions regarding rules for a 3v3 event please ask the judge staff on the day or message us via Facebook/Discord for more information. 

The event will be held at Versus Games located at 1320 Oviedo Mall Blvd, Oviedo, FL 32765.

Ban List: March 2010 (All cards will function as they did back in 2010 however tournament policy such as time rules will be modern day 2024).

Last Legal Set: Absolute Powerforce 

Player cap: 64 teams (192 players) (A Konami ID is REQUIRED when you check in)

Date: 10/26/2024

Registration: 10AM (Deck Lists are required at check-in)

Tournament start time: 11AM

Entry: $120 per team (All players will receive product on entry as this is an OTS sanctioned event).

Prizing will be paid out as follows to the top 12 players (4 teams)
All 12 players will receive a custom cloth playmat
1st place team: (3) 256GB Steam Deck + Carrying case
2nd place team: (3) Duel Terminal Brionac
3rd place team: (3) Ultimate Rare Goyo Guardian 1st Edition
4th place team: (3) Ultimate Rare Ally of Justice Catastor
(If the 64 team cap is reached, prize support will increase)

Clarification on Hobby League and OCG Cards.

OCG cards are not allowed as this is an OTS sanctioned event.

Hobby League cards are allowed, however if they are noticeable in the deck (IE you can stack/Cheat) you will be issued a penalty.

*DISCLAIMER: This event will be broadcast live on Twitch.TV and Youtube. You may be asked to play on stream.