Tyranids - Termagants

Tyranids - Termagants

Tyranids - Termagants

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Elevate your Tyranid swarm with the relentless prowess of the revitalized Termagants, now available with an exciting twist. Unveiling a bonus sprue of special weapons, these multitudinous foot soldiers stand ready to unleash devastation upon your foes. Originally showcased in the legendary Leviathan boxed set, the Termagants now emerge stronger and more formidable than ever.

Infused with newfound power, the Termagants bring a versatile arsenal to the forefront. Each box includes an extra sprue of special weapons, transforming these foot soldiers into a force to be reckoned with. Adapt your strategy and customize your swarm with weaponry tailored to exploit the weaknesses of your adversaries.

But that's not all – the Termagants box also features a single Ripper Swarm, a harbinger of havoc that complements your tactical options. This inclusion adds depth to your collection, allowing you to harness the synergy between these bioforms and create an even more dynamic battlefield presence.

Forge the future of your Tyranid swarm with Termagants that boast a newfound edge. Whether you're a collector or a strategist, this offering empowers you to dominate the tabletop and seize victory. Embrace the evolution of your army and secure your Termagants box today!